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Name: Katie
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Character Name: Padmé Amidala
Fandom: Star Wars
OU, AU, or CR AU: OU
Canon Point: The moment of her Death in Revenge of the Sith
Journal: [personal profile] didnotlosethewilltolive

Character History:
Padmé: A History


Shaped by her parents, from a very young age Padmé was a very caring and self sacrificing individual. She entered into politics when she was only eight years and by the time she was thirteen she was the Princess of Theed. This was essentially the Mayor of Theed, the Capital city on the planet of Naboo. A large task for anyone.

It was not long after that at the age of sixteen Padmé was elected Queen of the planet of Naboo. She was a loved queen because she put her people before herself in everything. Her duty to them was always the first in her mind and she would put herself through risks others wouldn't take if she felt they were needed to help her people. Such as during the Trade Federations blockade when she disguised herself as her own handmaiden and sought peace with the Gungans on Naboo. This continued on after her rule ended and she became Senator of Naboo to the Galactic Senate.

Padmé was a very loving and compassionate person who cared a great deal for everyone. She believed strongly in democracy and was a strong speaker whether as queen or as senator. She always called for peace and understanding even when others wouldn't listen or were in the middle of war. She became friends with other senators with similar goals such as Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, and other the years they would work together to try and fix the problems they saw arising in the now highly war like Republic.  

Padmé also had a tendency to put away her own feelings and only focus on her duties and what she needed to do. This is why when at a young age she turned down a young man, saying that Naboo needed her more then he did. This is also why she at first turned down Anakin Skywalker as he tried to make his feelings about her known. She knew that he would be going against the Jedi Council and she was a senator and so what she felt wasn't as important.

However when they both thought they were going to die she let him know the truth of her own love for him. They didn't die and by this point Padmé couldn't simply ignore her feelings towards Anakin. However she did insist they remain secret, so they even married in secret. Anakin serving as a Jedi in the oncoming clone wars and Padmé as a senator. Finding quiet moments when they could.

Despite being compassionate and caring, Padmé is highly determined and will resort to trickery to get what she wants. This was mentioned before when she disguised herself as her own handmaiden but also when she manipulated the words of the council to Anakin so they could go and rescue Obi-Wan. They said he had to remain with her, so she told him he'd have to come with her if he wanted to do that. She is also a good survivor as while chained to a pole she managed to escape her handcuffs before the two Jedi and climbed up the sheer face of it without any help. She has also survived multiple assassination attempts and was willing to use herself as bait to catch the person responsible in one of these instances. 

Despite being a good politician Padmé, especially after confessing her love, has a rather glaring blind spot towards her husband. It's not that she doesn't notice things about him that would worry others. It's just that she loves him so much she's convinced that he is stronger then others think. Sadly this is not the case but even after finding out what Anakin has done (killing all the Jedi, including the children at the temple) she still begs him to run away with her and leave all of this. To raise the children they are going to have.

However by this point it is to late and he breaks her heart as he shows just how far he's fallen. Claiming that he will kill the Emperor and she can rule with him. She tells him she wants nothing to do with this and when Obi-Wan shows up, Anakin thinks she's betrayed him and force chokes her.

Despite him literally killing her, Padmé still believes there is some good in Anakin and she tells this to Obi-Wan before dying, after giving birth to Luke and Leia who she names.

She will be taken right at the point of death, so after giving birth.

-A skilled speaker and politician
-Good at hand to to hand combat
-Good with a blaster

-The small carved good luck snippet from Anakin
-The clothes she was wearing on Mustafar

The Ship

[- Writing Samples -]

Network Sample:

Dear Mun entry

Log Sample:

She wakes up gasping and her first thought is that she's dead. But the coffin like thing she's in opens with little effort and she scrambles out of it with ease. It's that point when she notices her flat stomach and whirling around she tries to regain her balance at the same time as she searches the area frantically.

“Obi-Wan!” Her voice echoes through the chamber. There are other pods everywhere but no movement from them. She's alone.

She's alone and her children are gone. She sinks to the floor, holding onto her throat as she tries to take in the situation.

Strange ship, missing children, no Jedi. But no soldiers running in to see what the commotion is. So it's possible this isn't Palpatine's work. Just someone else who managed to kidnap her as she gave birth, somehow managing to get past two of the strongest Jedi she knew, boarding a ship that was on guard for any such event.

She takes a deep breath, wincing as she does. The memory is worse then any lingering pain. The memory of invisible fingers wrapping themselves around her throat and just choking her. She lets out a small sob as she sits there, thinking back. She'd gone into labour so soon after it had happened she'd never really had a chance to think...think about the man she loved, with such hatred in his eyes as he held his hand up and tried to kill her.

Not only her but the child...children as well.

She grants herself a few moments of weeping, before wiping her eyes and going over to the storage container she'd noticed in her frantic glances around. Inside was the clothing she'd been wearing last, which she put on. Tightening the clothing more then she had previously, just another reminder of what she was missing.

She was dressed, with her hair up when she saw the last remaining thing in the container. A small japor snippet laying there on a string.

For a long moment she stares at it but in the end she picks it up and tucks it into her clothing. She can't wear it, not now but she doesn't want to leave it behind. Not her only reminder of when her husband loved her, when the good in him outweighed the darkness.

With everything taken, Padmé takes a deep breath and wishing she had a blaster she walks out of the chamber to locate her whereabouts and more importantly the location of her children.